“Unfortunately, about beauty psychoanalysis has nothing to say” /  Sigmund Freud



Castillo’s paintings are the result of a contemporary explorer and observer of contemporary issues, not concerned on a particular style or having a specific set of approaches, themes or techniques in his art, as he expresses; “I diffusely articulate all of these proposals that respond to historical circumstances which nowadays are headed by eclecticism”. Castillo intends to build a kind of visual alchemy that can express his concerns concerning human existence through the eyes of abstract expression.


As part of a new stage of his artistic career, currently Pastor Castillo is concentrated on exploring, researching, experimenting and producing artworks for his future individual and group projects locally and global.  His research appears to be oriented towards an artistic practice that radically lives inside of the stratification of history, thought, science and culture, enacting a tension that will never quite find definite arrival points in his works.

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