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Pinar del Rio, Cuba
Resides in Miami since 1991

Currently Pastor Castillo concentrates on exploring, researching, experimenting and producing artworks for his future individual and group projects locally and globally.  His research appears to be oriented towards an artistic practice that radically lives inside of the stratification of history, thought, science and culture, enacting a tension that will never quite find definite arrival points in his works


2013       Artopia Art  Center, Wynwood   Miami, FL 

2012       The Hangar Gallery , Wynwood, Miami, FL

2011      “My Roots” Cuban Crafters & Danay Gallery, Miami, FL.
2009      “Rayos y Soles” Galeria CASA Turquesa, Cancun, Mexico.
2008      “Reaching out” Carrefour des Arts, Seychelles Island.
2007      “Soles y Rayos” Galeria Efe Serrano, Ciesa, Murcia, España.
2004      “Moon Over the Grass” Naomi Silva Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA
1996      ”On the Other Side” Decos Gallery, Miami, FL USA
1995      ” Rituals” Astoria Gallery, Miami, FL USA
1990      “Busqueda” Casa de la cultura artemisa, Habana, Cuba
1988      “Transculturacion” Vestibulo del teatro Karl Marx
(antiguo Teatro Blanquita), La Habana, Cuba
1986      ”Rumbos” Galeria Casa de la Cultura de Pinar, Pinar del Rio, Cuba
“Direccion” Galeria UNECA, Havana, Cuba


2013      ”Caribbeana” Multitudes Contemporary Art Center. A selection of Miami’s most pertinent contemporary artists. July-August 2013. Miami, FL
2007      “Across the Ocean” Arts Center, Mauritius Island.
              Art Center Antananarivo, Madagascar.
              Lurie Fine Art Galleries, Miami, FL, USA
              “12 Salas 12 Cubanos” Galeria F Serrano, Cieza, Murcia, Spain.
2006       Naomi Silva Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA
              Feria de Arte de Sevilla (Andalucia), Galeria F Serrano,
Cieza, Murcia, Spain.
2005      Feria de Arte de Marbella (Andalucia), Galeria F Serrano, Cieza, Murcia, Spain.
2004      Naomi Silva Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA
             Soho-Myriad, Atlanta, GA, USA
2003      Art Miami’03 Galeria F Serrano, Cieza, Murcia, Spain. Miami, FL.

2000      ART Palm Beach, Galeria Florida, Caracas, Venezuela.
ART Miami’2000, Galeria Florida, Caracas, Venezuela.
ART Miami’2000, Galeria Inosentti, Milano, Italia.
“Exhibition offers glimpse of Cuba” Fitton Center Collection,
Hamilton, OH.
Collective “13 Artistas Cubanos” Galeria F Serrano, Cieza,
Murcia, Spain.
1999      ART Miami’99, Galeria Florida, Caracas, Venezuela.
1997      Collective show, Mexican Consulate, Miami, FL.
BRAC’97, Silver Meteor Gallery, 1813 gallery, Ibor City, Tampa, FL.
Itinerant collective show (49th International Conference of the Human Rights), Miami, FL.
1995      ”El dedo en la llaga” (Finger on the wound), America’s Presidents Encounter,
Freedom Tower, Miami, FL.
Collective show, Brasil International Gallery, Paris, France.
Cuban Auction, Vanidades Gallery, Miami, FL.
1994       Lincoln Road ART Festival, Miami Beach, FL.
R.S.V.P. Collection Ltd. Fine Art, Miami, FL,
1993      Small Format salon, La Boheme Gallery, Miami, FL.
“Week of the Cuban Culture” 23 y 12 Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
1989      ”Cuban Young Art” Medellin University (Faculty of Art), Medellin, Colombia.
“Cuban Young Art” R.D.A. Alten Museum, Berlin, Germany.
1988      ”Cuban Young Art” Massachusetts College Of Art, Massachusetts.
10 Cuban Artists, Revista de Arte Building, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1987      International Salon for Peace, Copenhaguen, Estockolm.
International Salon for Peace, Moscow, Russia.
1986      Two painters, Museum Art, Prague.
“Cuban Young Art” Madrid Cultural center, Madrid, Spain.
“Salon of the Young” National Museum Fine Art, Havana, Cuba.
“Week of the Cuban Culture” Galeria Galiano, Havana, Cuba.


1995      Jose Marti Foundation, Miami, FL.
1988       Certificate “Contribution to the National Culture” Havana, Cuba.
1985      Prize “Servando Cabrera Moreno” Havana, Cuba.
2nd Mention of the National Landscape Salon “Leopordo Romanach” Havana, Cuba.


Different Perspectives on Looking at Pastor Castillo Artwork

One, is to look at the work as a sign. Another way is to look at the work as text and another way is to look at the work through the appointment and reflection of the legacies handed down by the art history of the world. In such manner, Castillo’s work is inserted in the postmodern discourse on  the contemporary art practice of the late 20th-century.

Second, to look at it from the literary perspective. From the fundamental idea of the “death of the author” and the “death of the artist” Castillo casts his work in this regard which is remarked in the words of French-Bulgarian philosopher Julia Kristeva who said “not to create” but “to produce” artwork.

Third is to view from the metaphor of art history. Castillo combines, selects and manipulates his work under the mark of indifference creating his own ‘remakes’ of established masterpieces intermittently glimpsing metaphors in various sociopolitical and cultural contexts such as those lived in Cuba, during the Iran-Iraq Gulf War and in Seychelles Islands on the Indian Ocean where Castillo served as a Cuban Medical Doctor for the President of the country of Seychelles.

Thus, Castillo goes from one extreme to another proposing an “anti-metaphors” with an impeccable rendering. How can we explain something that was only produced for disinterested contemplation?

Certainly, Castillo’s paintings invite the viewers for more than a mere reflection and going through contemplation. To try to explain or to want to look beyond what you see may be counterproductive.

This vacuum experience of just disinterested contemplation also occurs in his Abstract & Expressionist series as well.

 Art Critic Review by Cuban-born artist Cedey de Jesus, Alumni of Estudio Superior de Arte ’92, Havana, Cuba.




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